So, Jim Carrey does this and he’s funny?  And Gaddafi owns this and he’s creepy?

Here’s the thing: both are gross, in my opinion.  But at least Gaddafi made his photo album for his own private issue.  Jim Carrey made a video where he basically sexually harasses Emma Stone and releases it publicly.

And while I don’t actually give a shit about a 49yo person dating a 22yo person, in this case, Carrey has a 23yo daughter and you would think that he could have maybe -possibly – for a second (just long enough to NOT post the video) have empathized or simply sympathized with how a young woman would feel as the recipient of such a “funny” public video that sexualizes her.

Just ugh.  Ugh. ugh. ugh. All around.

P.S. This is NOT me supporting Gaddafi in anyway ever in any thing.  Just interesting that these two stories were released at the same time, both are trending on Twitter, and the difference in the response is telling.

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