I love So You Think You Can Dance

Eliana and Cole from the latest season of "So You Think You Can Dance" in the middle of their spectacular routine. He is holding by the ankle as she leans away from him on one leg.

I’ve expressed my love of So You Think You Can Dance before on this blog.

We continue to watch it every season and I still enjoy it immensely. We are, though, busier than in the past and watch the season all out of order. We had seen the finale before we watched the episode that aired the week before the finale, which we finally watched last night.

And – oh boy! – it was an AMAZING episode. Two of my favorite dances of the entire season aired on the penultimate week, one perhaps tied with my favorite of all time.

First, Cyrus and Comfort did the dubstep. I watched this three times in a row, cheered out loud from my couch, and clapped each time it was over. How (HOW???) do people move their bodies like that?

Now, Eliana and Cole. This piece by Mia Michaels just…it is so phenomenal. Everything about it. It felt like it literally took the breath from my body. This may be one of the best things I ever seen on SYTYCD, which is really saying something:

And because no post about SYTYCD would be complete without at least some mention of Twitch, here is a wonderful routine with he and Witney doing east coast hip hop:

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