2012 Women’s Media Center Social Media Award Nomination (my reaction in animated gifs)


I’ve been nominated for the 2012 Women’s Media Center Social Media Award. My response when I got the email a while back saying I was nominated looked like this: “WHUT???”

Animated gif of Dolly Parton turning around and saying "WHAT?" From 9 to 5

And then today they released the list of people nominated and now I feel like all of these things wrapped up into one:

Animated gif of Adele laughing and then falling forward into the couch cushion.

Animated gif of Beaker freaking out

animated gif of Robyn dancing in her Dancing on my own video

Animated gif of Paul Rudd doing a happy dance.

animated gif of donna and tom reacting positively to something, their eyes growing wide with glee.

animated gif from Anchorman of the four newsmen jumping into the air in glee

Animated gif of Ron Swanson smiling

Animated gif of man saying, "People care what I think. I have a prestigious blog, sir."

I know it’s cliche but it truly is an honor to be nominated for this award with these other amazing people. So, now go vote for Janet Mock or Jessica Danforth or Stacey Burns or Veronica Arreola or Zerlina Maxwell or Pam Spaulding or….

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