Our citizens’/people’s filibuster was amazing on Thursday night. Here is my storify of what went down. I also suggest this wonderful piece by my friend Dan Solomon, which really explains what Thursday was like.

Andrea Grimes, another rock star friend, did amazing reporting for RH Reality Check on the importance of the filibuster. Check our her multiple posts:

And here is RH Reality Check’s on-going coverage of HB60.

Plus, check out the national coverage on All in With Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and the Melissa Harris-Perry Show.

Virginia Pickel has kept an amazing account of the media attention on our grassroots political action here in Texas.

AND NOW IT CONTINUES! Tomorrow, the House will vote on the omnibus bills #HB60 and #SB5 and the 20-week ban, #HB16. If you can, PLEASE JOIN US so we can fill the capitol with our bodies.

We will show that even though they are exploiting the special session to push through terrible legislation, they cut short our testimony on Thursday, and voted it through in a closed-door committee meeting on Friday, WE WILL STILL SHOW UP.

Here is information from NARAL (via their FB page):

Doors open to the House Gallery at 1PM.

The House convenes at 2PM.

Debate on anti-choice bills is expected to begin in the late afternoon.

Come when you can. Stay ’til the end.

Wear orange!

It’s going to be another long night, so come prepared to stay for a long haul: Bring snacks, blankets, pillows, chargers, extension cords, waterbottles, etc. We will have the Legislative Conference Center (Extension E2.002) available to us after 2pm as a place where folks can take a break from sitting in the Gallery and grab a bite to eat.

From an email from Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas:

TOMORROW, Sunday, June 23, the Texas House will vote on #SB5 and #HB60, harmful bills that would essentially ban safe, legal abortion in Texas. We need you there!

Join hundreds of supporters
from across the state to pack the Capitol Dome!

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Texas State Capitol

Come when you can. Stay ’til the end!

House Gallery doors open at 1:00pm.
House of Representatives convenes at 2:00pm.
Debate on these bills is expected to begin in the late afternoon
and continue for several hours.

WEAR ORANGE, bring snacks and plan to stay late! 

For more details, please email For up-to-the-minute information visit this Facebook community event page and follow the conversation at hashtags #SB5, #HB60  and #txlege.


What you can do today and tomorrow is flood the phone lines and inboxes of the following:

1. Speaker Joe Straus (512) 463-1000: he is the leader of the House of Representatives, and oversees many of the actions of the House. We need to let him know we do not approve ANY of these anti-choice bills, and that if they decide not to play by the rules like the Senate, they will continue to hear from us.

Speaker Straus’ phone number and email can be found here:

2. Call your own State Rep! Call your Senator too. Encourage them no matter what that they need to vote against HB 60, HB 16, and SB 5.

You can look up your own representation here:

Here is a script you can use for each of the following:

“Hello, I wanted to express my concern due to the Texas Legislature taking up dangerous measures to decrease access to health care in our state. I wanted to express my displeasure to hear that Chairman Byron Cook cut off public testimony while hundreds were still waiting to speak during the state affairs committee hearing on #hb60. Many Texans had traveled from across the state and waited nearly 10 hours for the chance to testify against the bill.

Other legislators have said its unprecedented to cut off public testimony in this manner and that they had never seen anything like what happened last night in terms of citizen turnout to a committee hearing. To stifle that public participation is a sad day for Texas democracy. The Texas Senate already went to extreme measures to force these bills on a public that does not want them. I hope you will stand with Texas women, respect the democratic process, and vote against any measure that restricts access to health care.”

Also, TWITTER: here are their twitter handles for those who have them:

For the most up-to-date information, check out NARAL TX’s website. Also, I’m trying to keep updates going on Twitter. Also, @naralTX@lilithfund, and @WholeWomans. And follow these hashtags on Twitter: #HB60, #HB16, #SB5, #txlege, and #feministarmy.

ALSO: Did you write testimony for the State Affairs Committee hearing but were unable to speak? Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas is collecting the statements, stories and testimonies of those who were not given the chance to speak and passing them along to Representatives to share during the House floor debate on Sunday, June 23.  If you have something to share, please include your name and residential address at the top of your testimony and email it to

And if you don’t live in Texas, what you can do right now IS SPREAD THIS FAR AND WIDE. Get the message out there. Let people know what is happening, how they can fight back if they live here, and to show that we are not just lying down and letting this happen.

Gather the Feminist Army. It is time.

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