What you can do today to help stop #SB5 in #txlege NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE

abortion clinics

First, if you can get to the Texas capitol today, DO. Come early, come when you can, plan to stay late (midnight’s the deadline), and WEAR ORANGE. There will NOT be any free orange t-shirts today some come in your orange shirt.

You should see people in orange in the main rotunda who can direct you. Otherwise, meet us on the east end of the capitol, third floor, in the Senate Gallery. 

Wendy Davis began at 11:18am. She will stand and talk until midnight. There is no tag-teaming. Go, Wendy go!

We need to keep the gallery full. They are looking for any reason to clear the gallery so PLEASE be on your absolute best behavior because Davis needs us there for support.

If you want to support from afar:

1) WE CAN  NOW ACCEPT FOOD AND DRINK DONATIONS. Send to Texas Capitol, Legislative Conference Center, level E2, Room E2.002. If you order from Austin’s Pizza, Hoboken Pies, East Side Pies, Tiff’s Treats, Royal Blue Grocery, or East Village Cafe, they will know EXACTLY where to go from delivering so much food on Sunday night. If you need someone for a delivery contact, please tweet at me or shoot me an email (luther dot jessica at gmail).

We could use water, salads, fruit, veggies as well as pizzas. And always, COFFEE.

2) PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO GET THIS OUT TO THE MEDIA. Help us share our story. Virginia Pickel has created a handy list of Twitter handles for major media outlets, journalists, and celebrities.

Get the message out there. Let people know what is happening in Texas, how they can fight back if they live here, and help us show that we are not just lying down and letting this happen.

If you are a resident of Texas (whether or not you are going to the capitol today): CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR AND ASK THEM TO VOTE “NO” on #SB5. You can find your state senator’s name and contact information here.

My friend, T, wrote a script you can use when you call your legislators:

Hi my name is ______________. I’m a constituent of (YOUR REP’S NAME HERE) and I’m calling to voice my opposition to Senate Bill #5. This bill would greatly restrict access to abortion in Texas, leaving thousands of Texans, especially rural Texans, without access to vital reproductive healthcare.

This bill would close all but 5 clinics in the state and virtually eliminate access to medication abortion. Whatever your feelings on abortion might be, I think that you can agree that eliminating access to a legal medical procedure for people who do not live near major cities creates an inequality based on income and geography that is intolerable in a free country.

I implore you to take a stand against this bill that unfairly affects low-income and rural Texans, and furthers the inequalities in healthcare between the rich and the poor. Please vote NO on Senate Bill 5. Thank you.

Also, if you have an abortion story you are willing to share, SEND IT TO SENATOR WENDY DAVIS NOW! My understanding is that she will be reading them as part of her filibuster of SB5 today.

Ways to stay informed today: 

Watch the Senate floor via the Texas Tribune.

Follow on Twitter: my twitter account (@scATX), @Austin_NOW, @andreagrimes@naralTX@lilithfund@WholeWomans, @dansolomon, @meadowgirl, @tootwistedTV, and the #SB5#txlege, and #feministarmy hashtags

Andrea Grimes has had AMAZING coverage of all of this at RH Reality Check. RHRC is invaluable. Here is a link to all their coverage of what is happening in Texas (most of it Andrea’s work).


If you were at the Thursday people’s filibuster ready to testify but were denied the chance, you can submit your testimony to RH Reality Check and they will publish it.

Gather the Feminist Army. It is time.

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  2. shaleen heffernan says:

    Every woman regardless of color, creed, economic background deserves to have well women care and if an abortion is needed it is her right to have one. When you close clinics for women’s healthcare you are creating a whole new set of problems of which you are not taking into consideration. DONT CLOSE these clinics.

  3. Jessica, thank you for keeping the rest of the nation informed. There has not been much coverage in the national media. This blatant strike against the rights of women to choose their own safe & convenient reproductive healthcare is being done in every state. ALEC modeled legislation has been introduced in my state & many others. We must stand as a united front!

  4. Jonathan C says:

    People are failing to consider the long term effect. If this bill is passed, think of the consequences in the years to come. What do we do when we have overcrowded children’s shelters? Do we really want irresponsible people raining children who had no choice but to enter this world? It’s a pebble effect! I foresee a lot of preventable CPS cases in our future.

  5. amy says:

    Women have the right to choose. we do not have the authority to strip any person in their right to treat their own body and make decisions for their future health.

  6. Tally Briggs says:

    I am sick of people who know nothing about human biology, science, or what is in a Rape Kit or how they work, telling me what I can and can’t do with MY BODY. It’s dangerous. People are dying. Birth control stops unwanted pregnancies that result in unwanted children who are abused, beaten, and starved. If you don’t have a uterus, you don’t get a say over what I do with mine. If you are completely ignorant about human biology, science, and what a rape kit is for, you have no business holding public office, and being allowed to ignorantly make decisions for ANYONE. The GOP want to end social programs that help the poor, but want the poor to keep having children so they’ll stay poor, hungry, and homeless. How does anyone vote for such an immoral bunch of cruel idiots?

  7. Another Amy says:

    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.
    Safe, legal and rare.

  8. Alissa C says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed!
    I still can’t believe we’re dealing with this in 2013!
    But I’m waking up real quick!
    Women deserve to decide what happens to their bodies!
    Amen to the above poster’s phrase!!!
    *If you don’t have a uterus, you don’t get a say over what I do with mine.*

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  10. Gemma Barsby says:

    You want to stop abortions, but voted down affordable contraceptives & scientifically correct sex education?! Can you be any more hypocritical?! Quit trying to legislate control over one half the population with your idiotic regulations.

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  13. Rebecca Fahning says:

    Proud to be here with sister and brother feminists, but saddened by the need. We stand with Wendy Davis as she makes a stand against SB5.

  14. C says:

    Thanks for the information! We ordered coffee and sent it over; the guy at East Village Cafe was super supportive. Sending you all our support from NOLA!

  15. Rosanna Ayala says:

    These clinics that they are trying to shut down are more than just abortion clinics. They provide counseling, birth control methods of all kinds and std testing as well as a way to rid your body of these sexually transmitted diseases. To lump them all into the abortion category is a way to misguide people. It’s a manipulation game. If they get rid of these clinics in the guise that they want to better women’s health care, the back door clinics will reopen and that is a fact! You can’t stop abortion. People have always found a way throughout the centuries. And our women will pay the ultimate price. I am still stunned that any state feels they can get away with this sort of regulatory practice. You can’t go above the Supreme Court’s rulings and think that it is acceptable practice!

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