New events have just been announced for tomorrow afternoon. See below.

Here is the post I wrote yesterday about everything I currently know about the upcoming special session.

Here is the section specifically about tomorrow’s rally:

FIRST EVENT OF SECOND SESSION (low priority for those who need to drive long distances to be in Austin but it will be a great moment of strength and camaraderie):

MONDAY (July 1) AT NOON, Texas Capitol’s South Steps.

Here is the Facebook event page if you’d like more information or to RSVP (over 4,000 people have done so already).

From the coalition of reproductive health groups, Democratic organizations, and progressive activists that are planning this event: “The special session could last for 30 days and we will need you every step of the way. Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get frequent updates. We need to reach as many proud pro-choice women and men across the state, so please take a minute to forward this to your friends.”

I have been told that free orange shirts will be available. I’m not sure of the distribution method, though. Probably there will be people there passing them out.

Public parking if you drive to the capitol (found on the map here http://www.tspb.state.tx.us/SPB/Plan/FloorPlan/Complex.htm). The first two hours are free. Each half hour is $1. All day parking is $8. The visitor parking lot is on 12th and San Jacinto. There is also a lot of metered parking the area, much of it takes credit cards, though you may want to have some quarters just in case.

WEAR ORANGE, bring water and sunblock, get ready to cheer. See you on Monday!

If you cannot be there on Monday (or for any event during the second special session), you can join the virtual march on Facebook.


11:45AM: Bright Light Social Hour will play, south side of capitol. Have you seen their video tribute to Wendy Davis and the #SB5 protesters?

12PM -1PM: Rally, south side of capitol


2PM – 5PM: Video testimonials and photography projectMembers Lounge on level E2

2PM: Senate Convenes – Senate Gallery, 3rd floor (we are asking people to go to the gallery and fill the seats. It won’t be very exciting, basically procedural things, but the other side has asked their people to be there)

2PM – 3PM: Civic Engagement presentationsLegislative Conference Center on level E2 (LCC – room where all the food was last week)

Topics of the presentations:

  • Texas Legislature 101
  • Democratic Participation and the Significance of Voting
  • Amplifying Millennial Power in Texas

2PM – 3PM: Reproductive Justice and Women’s Health presentations – Auditorium on level E1

Topics of the presentations:

  • Not Turning the Clock Back: Your Rights Through History
  • Reproductive Justice and the Provider Perspective
  • Health Center Advocacy and Community Engagement

2:30PM: Become a voter registrar! Voter Deputization hosted by Battleground Texas FOR TRAVIS COUNTY RESIDENTS – Ned Granger Building, 314 West 11th Street (at Guadalupe)

3:30PM:  “Staying Engaged: What’s Next?”Legislative Conference Center on level E2 (LCC)

Stations for the following activities:

  • write a letter to your Representative or Senator
  • write a letter to the editor
  • sign a thank you card for women’s health champions
  • sign up and learn more about organizing in-district events, phone banks and house parties)

3:30PM: Become a voter registrar! Voter Deputization hosted by Battleground Texas FOR TRAVIS COUNTY RESIDENTS – Ned Granger Building, 314 West 11th Street (at Guadalupe)

If you’d like to say hi to your legislators, find out who they are here and where their office is in capitol here.

Austin’s NOW chapter also has a GREAT post about how EVERYONE can get involved, no matter where you live.

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  3. Paula Denmon says:

    I’ll be there Monday. Pls keep me informed. As the session progresses, and I will do what I can.

  4. Andrea says:

    Hi, if we were deputized as as voter registrar in 2008, do we need to be deputized again? And if we can’t today, will other times be available?

  5. Melissa Seal says:

    I thought there was a march at 8. Most people work and cannot show up until after 5.

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  7. Cindy Casares says:

    Curious if the organizers made an attempt to secure any women of color to speak at the protest? It’s a glaring omission at a rally against a bill that stands to affect so many women of color. However, I could see where Hispanic leaders/celebs might be afraid to speak out against the bill for fear of alienating their fan base, so I’m not pointing any fingers. Just curious. The feminist movement gets a lot of flack for being a “white women’s” movement. I have never felt that way and I don’t want it to be true.

  8. Caroline says:

    Andrea – YES! You need to do it again 🙂 It is good for 2 years (in sync with for how long voter cards are valid), and must be done again at the end of the 2 year session. If you do it now, it will expire in January 2015. It’s super easy though, as I’m sure you know.

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