Corrections for “As Wendy Davis touts life story in race for governor, key facts blurred”


Tonight I sent an email to the Dallas Morning News editor George Rodrigue and senior political writer Wayne Slater.

Slater is the author of the piece which implies that Davis was an absent parent and used her husband for his money. I have written about Slater’s article twice already (“Sexism Against Wendy Davis” and “On Wendy Davis Being A Gold Digger“).

Here is the email I sent tonight:

Dear Mr. Rodrigue and Mr. Slater,

I tried to use the correction form on the Dallas Morning News site to submit corrections for Mr. Slater’s January 18th piece, “As Wendy Davis touts life story in race for governor, key facts blurred” but it kept timing out.

1) “The daughters, then 8 and 2, remained with Jeff Davis in Fort Worth while Wendy Davis was at Harvard.”

Tonight at a fundraising event in Austin, Davis said, “When I went to Harvard Law School, my daughters came to Boston with me. But we decided as a family after the first semester that it was much better for them to be in Texas, in their home, with their friends, in their schools, and with the daily help of someone that I call “Mom.” So during the rest of law school, I split my time between Texas and Boston, traveling back and forth as much as I could, including 2 weeks of every 4 at home with my daughters my last year in school. ”

Her daughters published open letters today and both corroborate this. (

2) “Jeff Davis was awarded parental custody.”

Tonight, Wendy Davis said, “I never gave up custody of my children. I never lost custody of my children. And to say otherwise is an absolute lie.”

Jay Root at The Texas Tribune writes, “According to divorce records, she and her husband were granted “joint conservatorship” of her child, Dru, who was a teenager at the time. She continued to live with her father, Jeff Davis, in the house the couple had shared. “ (

3) “When she was accepted to Harvard Law School, Jeff Davis cashed in his 401(k) account and eventually took out a loan to pay for her final year there.”

This is not quite accurate since written this way, it leaves no space for any reason that Davis would cash out his 401(k) except to pay for her tuition at Harvard. Following the publication of this piece, Davis gave a statement to CNN complicating what Mr. Slater wrote: “Jeff Davis told CNN he took out the 401(k) for other reasons, as well.  The market was down at the time and he had some investments go south, so he received some financial advice to take out a  401(k) loan.” (


Jessica W. Luther

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  1. Karen Spalding says:

    Thank you Jessica for all you do. I am disappointed by the failure of the DMN to correct the inaccuracies of their original report.

  2. Ellen Sweets says:

    lopsided reporting is the beginning of what promises to be a long, ugly uphill battle, so we need to be well-armed with watchers to respond on wendy’s behalf. oppositional dimwits will continue to sling as much mud as possible her way. before long they will be slinging feces in lieu of bona fide policy statements because it’s all they know how to do. .

    we are witnessing the death rattle of good old white boy politics in texas and as we well know, and it is never easy to watch anything die. eyes on the prize, sisters, eyes on the november prize.

    and thank you, jessica for having your eyes on ocal media…anybody watching in outlying areas?

  3. Dr. Marti Kennedy says:

    Thank you for your continued factual reporting.
    The sleeze must be revealed. How difficult the law degree, and commute, and single parenthood, and that’s what they are hitting.
    Dr. Kennedy

  4. Sarah Slamen says:

    Proud to have you working and living in our state, Jessica, so that we have a chance to read real news about these candidates. Eventually, after enough public failure like this, everyone will have no choice but to look away from outfits like the DMN. Here’s to Texans discovering more alt press and independent journalists like you.- S

  5. Jamie Lewis says:

    well done, jessica. do let us know if they respond or print a retraction. it was like a double whammy last week combined with the o’keefe battleground bs- which has also been pretty well debunked. i just was particularly disappointed that slater put his name on this piece.

  6. John Abramowitz says:

    OK, as a longtime Wendy supporter (I’m originally from her district in Fort Worth), I’m of course thrilled to see that the facts are more favorable to her than the original article made them appear.

    However, Wayne Slater is not an “oppositional dimwit.” His liberal political leanings are well-known. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s planning to vote for Wendy. His piece was inaccurate, and Jessica is right to take him to task for that, but he’s hardly the enemy.

    The fact that Slater did an imperfect job at his job doesn’t make him Sean Hannity.

  7. KarenJ503 says:

    No, John Abramowitz, but that imperfect job was targeted, not random — and it makes him a right wing/Republican water carrier, just like MSNBC/NBC’s Chuck Todd and David Gregory.

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