Of All the Things I Wrote in 2015, My Favorites

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I wrote a lot this past year. I hope to write a lot more in the year ahead. While you can find all of my writing on the site here, I have favorites from 2015 that I’d like to highlight:

I’ve never experienced anything quite like the reporting I did with Dan Solomon for Texas Monthly about a Baylor football player on trial for sexual assault. From getting tipped to a story that no one else was on, to going from tip to publication in two weeks, working with one of my best friends on a piece I was incredibly proud of, and breaking open what turned out to be, at least for a week or two, a national story, it was a gratifying and surreal experience.

I worked for months on this Sports Illustrated profile of a case involving a whole bunch of Vanderbilt football players, including four who have been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. I went to Nashville in late 2015 and attended my first criminal trial (at least, the first couple days until the trial was continued until January). I had to figure out how to get in contact with a bunch of former players and then convince them to go on record about a topic they probably wanted to stay far away from. I called out a major news network for unethical behavior. And it was all published at SI.

Meeting and interviewing (and getting to write about) gold-medal boxer Clarissa Shields was easily a 2015 highlight for me.

I wrote three different pieces for Vice Sports this year about women doing amazing things in rarely-discussed sports: two women racing alongside men in flat-track motorcycle racing, the best off-road motorcycle racing woman in the world who came out of retirement after leaving the sport to start a family, and a profile of the female auto endurance car racer who nearly won an IMSA championship.

In February, a story I wrote about University of Texas’ famed quarterback, Vince Young’s, return to UT was the cover story that week for the Austin Chronicle. Seeing my cover all over town for a week was a cool experience, as was meeting and interviewing Young. I was also the woman in the coffee shop the day the issue dropped who swooped up about 20 copies and walked out, my arms full. If you need a hard copy, let me know.

Perhaps the most fun I had all year was the prep for my piece about why Texas schools are so darn good at Quidditch (yes, as in the Harry Potter sport). Not only was talking to the quidditch players really fun (I am still fascinated by the creation of a brand new co-ed contact sport and people tweaking it as they go), but attending a quidditch tournament with my family, including my then six-year-old son, was a blast. Plus, I was right to highlight the Texas teams. They were dominant once again this year at the Quidditch World Cup, with UT winning it for a third year in a row.

I INTERVIEWED TIG NOTARO. OMG. But also, Muna Otaru and Dina Shihabi. If you don’t know who any of these people are, I suggest you find out quickly.

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