Welcome to my site. I’m a freelance journalist and writer who mainly covers sports and culture, though I write on a wide range of topics, including media criticism, politics, or things happening in my hometown of Austin, TX.

I graduated from Florida State University in 2002 with a double major in Classical Civilizations and Greek/Latin. I immediately moved to Austin and began graduate school in the Classics department at the University of Texas. After earning my Masters in Latin Literature in 2004, I transferred into the history department at UT. Many years later and without a PhD in hand, I decided academia was not for me and decided to leave graduate school and pursue writing full time.

Over the last few years, I have written extensively on the intersection of sports and violence off the field, especially college football and sexual assault, a topic about which I am currently writing a book for Akashic Books (due on shelves on September 6, 2016). I also love romance novels and try to write about them as often as possible. I have participated in activist work around reproductive justice in Texas, most notably as one of the many organizers during the pro-choice protests at the Texas capitol in the summer of 2013.

I’m currently a fellow in the Texas Program in Sports and Media at the University of Texas and a member of the Association for Women in Sports Media.

I also tweet a lot (@scATX). And in case you are wondering what my Twitter handle stands for, here you go!

At this site, you can also check out some of my media appearances and find out where I am on social media. I also love to do speaking engagements. Additionally, I encourage you to check out my published writing as well as my blog.

Finally, if you’d like to contact me, you can always tweet at me or email me. If you are interested in having me keynote, be on or moderate a panel, lead a workshop, etc., please contact me or Lindsay Samakow at Keppler Speakers Bureau.