I love to hear from people, even if you are writing me with good-faith criticism.

I don’t tolerate mean/condescending/rude or threatening emails; the former are immediately deleted and the latter are saved for the authorities, just in case. I will not respond to any of them. Also, if you are only contacting me because you want an audience for your diatribe about how sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia aren’t real, please don’t. There is nothing productive involved in such an exchange.

I also love to hear from people who have a story to tell and think I would be a good journalist with whom to work, or people who need advice on doing journalism, or anyone working through an issue with which I might be able to help (or know someone who can help), etc. I am nicer than I seem on Twitter, probably. Though, as a warning, I can be slow with the email reply.